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Property Investment Planning 

How can you take advantage of the benefits in owning investment property? It’s New Zealand’s favourite investment strategy but many just wait too long to get the rewards of ownership. You can get a big benefit later in life, especially in retirement, if you own property delivering steady returns.

The first step is to decide to have an investor mindset. This means not letting emotion play too big of part in your financial decisions and looking at the long term goals and gains. The next step is to seek advice from an expert, preferably an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA), on whether or not you’ll be able to afford the initial purchase and if your current and future expected incomes will enable you to stay ahead of mortgage payments.

You might begin asking some friends, family or colleagues you’ve seen succeed in property investments in the past. Be cautious though because what has worked in the past does not always translate into today’s property market. You also have to be extra careful not to get sucked into a scheme where you’re offered free advice from people with little or no qualifications who long term want to charge you a fee to be apart of their programs.

You will have seen that what is happening in Auckland, Tauranga, Christchurch is all intertwined. With the recent and continued surge in overseas investors flooding the Auckland marketing in particular, it might be worth now looking outside of Auckland for property investments, it’s an option that makes sense and we’ve seen clients be very happy with their decisions.

Personally, I’ve been helping clients for over 10yrs with their property investment decisions and over the last few years some of them have successfully purchased property in Hamilton, while renting in Auckland. You get the benefit of making your savings go a little bit further while be able to purchase a nice home you’ll probably never live in, but will be easy to find long term tenants. The key is ‘long term tenants’ to reduce your risk and prevent fluctuations in your investment plans.

Some of our clients thought that ‘property investment is out of our reach’ and ‘it’s too hard or expensive’... you’re not the only one if you think you can’t afford it but rest assured with the right structure and some existing leverage in the form of a deposit, a business, or existing home (with a mortgage is ok) you can start planning and be ready when you find the right property.

It’s relatively simple to plan for property investments, simple, but not easy. Our Investment Analysts invest heavily their time and expertise in an effort to ensure your investment will perform to its utmost potential. Your personalised financial strategy plan will map the path to take you from where you are now to where you want to be financially in the future.

A significant chapter within your financial plan will be wealth creation strategies. We realise that no two clients are the same and that each of us has our own unique life experiences and plans for the future. Your wealth creation strategy will consist of carefully selected investments that will gain maximum returns for your preferred level of risk, while ensuring tax effectiveness of the investments where appropriate. The key is to design an investment strategy plan that will allow you to achieve your financial goals and aspirations with minimal risk (or a little more risk if you’re after more returns quickly and willing to accept more risk).

Our property professionals have the expertise to enable you to appreciate how property can perform as a safe, profitable, and high growth investment vehicle. We will work with you to unravel the complexities of this investment and help you understand your choices. Sitting on the same side of the table as you helping plan out all the steps for success.

Direct Property Investment can be an excellent vehicle to create wealth tax effectively and allow you to achieve your long term financial goals, however like any investment, it requires careful planning to ensure that the elements of the specific investment meet your personal objectives.

Calculating investment yield is a great way to accurately evaluate the financial return you are likely to receive on a given property. Use the calculator below to get an idea of how your money can work for you when investing in property.

Wealth Works manage the process dealing with solicitors, property managers, mortgage setup and reviews. We help choosing the best type of property, assessing your budgets and cash flows, the timelines picking the best time for you to buy and helping you remove emotion from the decision (if at all possible).

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