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Investment Advice

Our Investment Analysts invest heavily their time and expertise in an effort to ensure your investment will perform to its upmost potential.

Your personalised financial strategy plan will map the path to take you from where you are now to where you want to be financially in the future.

A significant chapter within your financial plan will be wealth creation strategies. We realise that no two clients are the same and that each of us has our own unique life experiences and plans for the future.

Your wealth creation strategy will consist of carefully selected investments that will gain maximum returns for your preferred level of risk, while ensuring tax effectiveness of the investments where appropriate. The key is to design an investment strategy plan that will allow you to achieve your financial goals and aspirations with minimal risk.

Our comprehensive suite of investment services listed below are integral to your overall financial success:

Property Investment

Our property professionals have the expertise to enable you to appreciate how property can perform as a safe profitable, high growth investment vehicle, when the appropriate process is carried out. We will work with you to unravel the complexities of this investment and help you understand your choices. Direct Property Investment can be an excellent vehicle to create wealth tax effectively and allow you to achieve your long term financial goals, however like any investment, it requires careful planning to ensure that the elements of the specific investment meet your personal objectives.

Calculating investment yield is a great way to accurately evaluate the financial return you are likely to receive on a given property. Use the calculator below to get an idea of how your money can work for you when investing in property.

Investment Portfolios

The array of available financial products on the market today is mind boggling and it is essential that you seek independent and impartial advice on the right products that meet your unique situation. Our team of investment managers will design and construct a diversified investment portfolio in wholesale and discounted retail investment funds that will meet your needs, required returns, tolerance to risk and provide tax effectiveness to further increase your returns.


KiwiSaver is a voluntary savings initiative that was designed by the New Zealand Government to make it easier to save for your future. You'll be able to access your savings when you're eligible for NZ Super (currently 65) or after five years' membership, whichever is later. The Government will help you save with KiwiSaver by giving you a $1,000 kick-start, a tax credit of up to $521.43, a fee subsidy and, if you qualify, a first home deposit subsidy. We will discuss this investment in detail with you and if appropriate, we will establish KiwiSaver on your behalf with the preferred KiwiSaver supplier in the market place at time of implementation or transfer.


Feel free tocontact us to discuss how we may assist you in achieving your
unique financial goals and aspirations.

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