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Insurance and Risk Management

Some people say Insurance is a necessary evil. We say insurance is the most cost effective way of creating large amounts of certainty for a very small cost.

There are several types of life & health insurances. Some policies protect against premature death; others help if you become ill or disabled and are no longer able to earn an income to meet your lifestyle expenses. They’re all designed to provide a backup plan to hold things together when life turns an unexpected corner. Our Risk Specialists will analyse your financial risks and provide a comprehensive risk analysis report and solutions to protect your income, your health and your familys future and wellbeing.

Our comprehensive suite of risk management services outlined below are integral to your overall financial success, even in the case of an unforeseen event:

Life Protection

We never like to think that our time is going to be up today, tomorrow or even in the near future. Unfortunately, there will come a point in time when you will not be around to take care of your loved ones any longer.

Life Protection Insurance can provide a lump sum so that you can repay any outstanding debts including your home mortgage and leave a legacy to your family so that they are financially taken care of and they can concentrate on moving forward with their lives.

Trauma and/or Total Permanent Disablement

If you had an accident or illness that seriously permanently affected your ability to work, what would happen to your partner, children, business, home or lifestyle? Trauma insurance and/or Total Permanent Disability protection can meet initial uninsured medical expenses not provided for in normal health insurance and can provide a lump sum for living and debt repayment expenses to give you peace of mind and security.

Income Protection

If your health were to suffer a set back and you were unable to work for a period of time, Income Protection can protect you from complete loss of income so that your financial plans and wealth accumulation is not compromised.

Income Protection or Disability Income Assurance may provide up to 75% of pre disability gross income. The payment provided may deliver approximately 60% of previous net income. Benefit period is to age 65 years.

Medical Protection

If you, or a member of your family, require surgery or medical treatment, Medical Protection Insurance can give you the freedom to select the best specialists and the best hospitals, and generally ensures that you avoid a huge waiting list to receive essential treatment. This gives you greater certainty about the most important thing that we need to protect – Our Health!

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